Dark Horse Books Creepy presents Steve Ditko (VO)

Making a lasting mark on comics as the co creator of Spider Man, Steve Ditko veered away from mainstream and into darker territories at end of sixties. His work in Creepy Eerie proved that this superhero maestro also excelled at short form horror, collaborating with Archie Goodwin on fifteen tension terror filled stories. A must fans of enigmatic Ditko, deluxe hardcover collection not only finds artist at pen ink finest, but showcases some rarely


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AKILEOS The haunt of fear tome 1

The Haunt of Fear était une série d'anthologie d'horreur bi mensuelle publiée par EC Comics en 1950. Avec Tales from the Crypt et Vault of Horror (à paraître), il formait un trio d'anthologies très populaires populaires.The of bi EC en et of il un


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Iceberg Interactive The Last Crown: Midnight Horror

Halloween: the veil between our world and 'otherside' is at its weakest. Witches celebrate Samhain, a Celtic festival from old religion, co...


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Dark Horse Books Bacon and other monstrous tales (VO)

Superstar Artist Troy Nixey will take you on a journey through the creepy and otherworldly in this collection of never before collected tales!From alien invasions to monsters lurking in unseen, beautifully illustrated book is a must have any horror science fiction fan! Collecting stories from Nixey's early days at Oni Press Dark Horse to relaunch of Fangoria, as well as material a bonus sketchbook section!Collects Boogie Picker (8 pages Presents


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Dark Horse Creepy Comics At death's door (VO)

Continuing the terrifying tradition of odious original, Dark Horse's Creepy brings a modern flavor to classic horror! In this second vicious volume, your dear Uncle presents over a dozen new spine tingling stories from twisted talents including David Lapham, Jeff Parker, Doug Moench, Joe R. Lansdale, Jason Shawn Alexander, Timothy Truman, Rick Geary, Colleen Coover, Emily Carroll, Nathan Fox, more! With so much fear to go around, awful omnibus is


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Headup The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters Deluxe Edition

The Coma 2: Vicious Sisters is a Korean survival horror adventure. Venture from your deserted school to survive the horrors of night. Explore surroun...


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AKILEOS The haunt of fear tome 2

The Haunt of Fear était une série d'anthologie d'horreur bimensuelle publiée par EC Comics en 1950 et, avec Tales from the Crypt et Vault of Horror , le titre formait un trio d'anthologies très populaires. Cet belle édition est occasion unique de redécouvrir un indispensable de la BD.Le présent album regroupe numéros 8 à 14.


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The Farm 51 Chernobylite Enhanced Edition

Chernobylite is a Science Fiction Survival Horror RPG from developers Farm 51. Set in the hyper realistic, 3D scanned wasteland of Chernobyl's exclusion...


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2K The Quarry Deluxe Edition

Pre order to receive the Horror History Visual Filter Pack! Tailor aesthetic of The Quarry to your liking by choosing from three cinematic visual filters...


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PlayStation PC LLC Predator: Hunting Grounds Cleopatra DLC Pack

From a land of ancient sands rises the only Predator known to have defeated Dutch in combat, sparing his life as a message to all hunters that dare cross her...


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