Springer The General Social Survey, 1972 1986

This book is the first comprehensive summary of General Social Survey since its origin in 1972. Topics range over whole subject matter of GSS, from political behavior and attitudes to mores, psychological states, socio economic


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AKILEOS The haunt of fear tome 3

The Haunt of Fear était une série d'anthologie d'horreur bimensuelle publiée par EC Comics en 1950 et, avec Tales from the Crypt et Vault of Horror , le titre formait un trio d'anthologies très populaires.Cette belle édition est occasion unique de redécouvrir un indispensable de la BD.Le présent album regroupe numéros 15 à 21.


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Scribner Kremlin Rising

In the tradition of Hedrick Smith's The Russians, Robert G. Kaiser's Russia: People and Power, David Remnick's Lenin's Tomb comes an eloquent eye opening chronicle of Vladimir Putin's Russia, from


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T & T Clark From Tomb to Text

The idea of writing plays a central role in John. Apart from the many references to scriptural texts, emphasizes of in inscription on cross and in its own production. Petterson's From Tomb to Text examines what this m


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Rutgers University Press Hoodlum Movies

From The Wild Angels in 1966 until its conclusion in 1972, the cycle of outlaw motorcycle films contained forty odd formulaic examples. All but one were made by independent companies that specialized in producing exploitation movies d


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Routledge Revisiting the Origin of Species

Contemporary interest in Darwin rises from a general ideal of what Darwin's books ought to contain: a theory of transformation of species by natural selection. However, a reader opening masterpiece, On Origin of Species, toda


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Univ Of Minnesota Press The River Is in Us

Mohawk midwife Katsi Cook lives in Akwesasne, an indigenous community in upstate New York that is downwind and downstream from three Superfund sites. For years she witnessed elevated rates of miscarriages, birth defects, cancer in her town, ul


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Springer The Ethics of Witness

This book explores the aesthetic and ethical ways in which history daily life are filmically represented witnessed in Taiwanese director Hou Hsiao hsien's movies. From era of Japanese Occupation to White Horror then to


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Palgrave Macmillan Animal Horror Cinema

This first full length scholarly study about animal horror cinema defines the popular subgenre and describes its origin history in West. The chapters explore a variety of films from a number of different perspectives. is


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Routledge Horror, The Film Reader

Horror, The Film Reader brings together key articles to provide a comprehensive resource for students of horror cinema. Mark Jancovich's introduction traces development of film from Cabinet of Dr. Caligari to T


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